Maynard Jackson Mayoral Administrative Records

Maynard Jackson, circa 1989
Maynard Jackson, circa 1979

The Collection

Maynard Jackson dramatically changed Georgia's political landscape by becoming the first African American mayor of Atlanta, and thereby, the first African American chief executive of a major Southern city. The Maynard Jackson Mayoral Administrative Records, held in the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library's Archives Research Center document Jackson's term as vice-mayor, as well as his three terms as mayor of Atlanta and associated campaign efforts. The collection showcases the pioneering changes Jackson brought to Atlanta in the areas of transportation, minority business inclusion, and the reorganization of municipal administration. 

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Exhibit Overview

Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr. won the 1973 election, becoming the first African American mayor of Atlanta and of a major southern city. On his journey to the mayor's office, Jackson followed a path chartered by preceding generations of Atlanta's African American leaders. While in office, he steered the city and its residents on a new course of greater inclusion and opportunity for all citizens.

His election marked an important transformation taking place in Atlanta, the South, and the nation as a whole -- evidence of the growing number of African American voters at the ballot box and the resulting shift of political power in many major cities. Jackson's was the first strong-mayor administration created by the new 1973 Atlanta City Charter. During three terms as mayor, Jackson seized on the opportunity to transform city hall, realize his vision for a people's administration, and forever change the city of Atlanta.

This exhibit was developed by the Archives Research Center of the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library, the repository for the Maynard Jackson Mayoral Administrative Records.  All materials in the exhibit are contained within the collection unless otherwise noted.

"Maynard for Mayor" Sticker, circa 1975
"Maynard for Mayor" Campaign Sticker
Maynard Jackson Mayoral Administrative Records