Atlanta University Baseball Team

Atlanta University Baseball Team, undated

Morehouse College Football Game

Morehouse College Football Game, circa 1950

In the 1880s, Atlanta University started its baseball team. Since then, athletics have come to play an integral part of several of the AUC schools. Athletics were unorganized at the schools. In 1896, the inter-collegiate baseball league was formed that included Atlanta University Atlanta Baptist Seminary (Morehouse College), Clark University, and Morris Brown College. In the early 1900s, other sports were brought to the AUC schools, such as football and basketball. Even with the unorganized teams, HBCUs worked to provide this experience to students.

Players at a Basketball Game

Players at a Clark College Basketball Game, circa 1994

During segregation, HBCUs formed their own athletic conferences and associations. Schools like Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Clark College joined these conferences. Throughout the 20th century, athletics at HBCUs became organized. Athletics at AUC schools like Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College represent a significant aspect of the HBCU experience. Sports are a source of excitement, campus pride, and passion.

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