Homecoming Coronation (Karen Wyatt), 1981

Morris Brown College Homecoming Coronation of Karen Wyatt, 1981

Homecoming represents an integral part of the HBCU experience. It is a weekly event held once a year that gives both current students and alumni the ability to embrace and experience the HBCU culture. For HBCUs, Homecoming is more than just a football game. Through reflections on history, parades, football games, half-time shows, Greek organizations events, students and alumni experience a sense of unity and pride about their schools. 

The events are a celebration of Black history and rejoicing in the present. Homecoming gives people the opportunity to remember the legacy of predecessors who fought for Black education. At the Atlanta University Center, homecomings give students and alumni the occasion to celebrate the history and cultures of their schools. This section of the exhibit celebrates the Homecomings held at the current and past schools of the AUC.

Morehouse College Homecoming, circa 1950

Morehouse College Homecoming, circa 1950

Information from this section of the exhibit was obtained from the following source: 

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